CANDIDATE: U.S. Senator (Green Party) (write in)

BIO: I am truly a grassroots candidate. I come from humble beginnings. My father, an Army Vet, met my mother in Bangkok, Thailand, when he was stationed there during the Vietnam war. He even learned the language just to win her over. He was the true epitome of “love not war.” When I looked at both main Parties, Red and Blue…I started thinking…. I want the voice of the Independents and Millennials to be heard. Along with the LGBTQ communities and definitely the blue & white collared workers. I want to be remembered as a leader with strong values and one that brought back the basics. Like making Red and Blue states GREEN with organic farming and medicinal marijuana. We need to BRING OUR FARMERS BACK and KEEP OUR FAMILIES TOGETHER. I want to create jobs and laws that make sense. And finally, what I want to be remembered for is making AZ teachers the highest paid in our country. And why not? AZ is a wealthy state. Let’s Make America Green Again, Because It’s Already Great! Yes We Will Make A Difference!

RESIDENCY: Chandler, Arizona