A new organization committed to continued growth and sustainability of the cannabis industry has been formed. The Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (AZC3) will bring together dispensary owners, growers, manufacturers, retailers, and patients to invigorate economic development, and access to safe, high-quality products.

Following in the footsteps of similar cannabis chambers formed around the country, AZC3 will seek to be a powerful voice for the businesses affiliated with the industry.

“We intend to be an outspoken advocate on behalf of our member-companies in the legislative, regulatory, legal, and public policy arenas,” said Advisory Board member Mason Cave. “With a single vision we can create an industry where all are given fair opportunity to expand and develop their business while simultaneously giving back to our community.”

“There are so many entrepreneurs like me who need an organization to fight for us while we focus on our business,” said Susan Hwang, Advisory Board member and CEO of Jamestown Yuma Dispensary, Eloy Cultivation and a cannabis consulting company. “AZC3 will set a new standard in this growing and prosperous industry and bring about innovation, job creation and professionalism to every corner of Arizona. Combined with networking opportunities and a voice in the development of industry regulations, membership will be invaluable.”

To become a member of AZC3 visit: www.AZC3.org.