Annie’s Art Attic creates “Fun”d raising for the community through the Community. The founders of Annie’s Art Attic are Annie and Don Fuller. The Idea of Annie’s came from their faith with the lord. Annie’s Art Attic has grown significantly but it wasn’t always easy and if it was not for the 40 Volunteers there is no way the doors would be able to stay open. These volunteers help put on Art classes that are offered every month and are open to the community, as well as Annie’s participates as a distributor for St Mary’s Church Sandwich program which they distribute roughly 500 sandwiches to the community a week.

Annie’s does not stop giving and caring for the community,each month Annie’s selects a Non profit Organization and donates 500 dollars as well as hosts a series of different “Fun” d raisers throughout the month which all of those funds go directly to the selected organization. Annie stated that her and the volunteers keep pushing and striving for better because their is no better feeling than helping others. If you are looking for something to do be sure to stop by and check out Annie’s Art Attic as they have something for everyone, you are encouraged to even stop in just to share your story. Annie’s Art Attic is a 501(c)3 Organization All donations are tax deductible. Annie’s Art Attic is located at 2575 Northern Ave Kingman AZ and are open Tuesday – Saturday 9am-5pm . If you have questions please feel free to call 928-279-1649.