Board Certified Physician’s with emphasis on Primary Care – Family and Internal Medicine

Dr. Kanik and Dr. Bitajian have a special interest in-

  • Endocrinology: including but not limited to Thyroid and Parathyroid disease, Diabetes & Metabolism.

  • Obesity Medicine & Weight Loss

  • Procedural Medicine: including muscle & joint injections, skin biopsies, cryotherapy, toe nail removal.

Dr. Joshua Kanick

Having worked for years in Emergency Department following graduation. Dr Kanik soon realized the effects of poor access to appropriate Primary Care. He decided to refocus his practice of medicine and return to his roots of Family Medicine. 

In addition to advocating evidence based medicine, Dr Kanik focuses on encouraging patients to take an active role in their care. Promoting accountability to ultimately produce a dedication to improved health.

Dr Kanik is Board Certified in Primary Care treating patients with chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, he also has a heavy interest in Procedural Medicine.

Procedural Medicine includes removal of skin lesions, joint and muscle injections.

Dr. Bitajian

“The aim of medicine is to prevent disease by interesting patients in their own health;  and when treating disease, inform patients of the cause and treatment of the disease. Patient active engagement in management of their own healthcare while providing up to date guideline based information is the primary role of a physician.”

 Dr Bitajian is double Board Certified in Primary Care as well as Obesity and Metabolic Medicine. She is the only Board Certified Obesity and Metabolic Specialist in the TriState area.

As a Metabolic and Obesity Specialist, Dr Bitajian not only treats obesity and weight loss, but also Endocrine diseases such Thyroid disease and Diabetes.

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