Dear Mayor Thomas Brady,

While speaking to a friend of mine about the current burro situation, she had a brilliant idea. Neither of us knowing who to contact, I decided to reach out to you (and will also do so via the account we are connected on and possibly email if no response). Among the best of the ideas I have heard, putting lights, solar or of any kind, on the parkway seems to be the most logical however extremely costly for our city and taxpayer dollars.

I have seen a lot of ideas but one that stands out the most and would cost a lot less, tagging the burros. Not only with a name/number but the actual tag itself can be made of reflective materials. Just like a mile marker post. Though it is not the end conclusion or “problem solver”, you must admit it is a step in the right direction. Multiple people, as well as burros, are injured if not killed every year, and with new construction, especially with the new Laughlin Ranch Boulevard, there will be more fatalities.

It is only a matter of time before something most definitely must be done. Thank you for listening Mayor Brady.

–Michelle Crider and Theresa Albrecht, both of Bullhead City.