BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz.An outage at 4:41 p.m. Friday afternoon affected 1,222 Mohave Electric members in the Bullhead City area of McCormick and Hwy 68, Davis Camp, and Old Bullhead. The outage was caused when a breaker opened in a substation.

 MEC crews responded and rerouted power using circuit switching equipment. All power was restored by 6:00 p.m. Engineering and Operations crews will test and investigate the substation protection system and equipment for possible maintenance and repairs.

 “MEC’s crews are always ready to respond if there is an outage, no matter the weather,” said Rick Campos, chief operating officer for Mohave Electric Cooperative.

 “We are ready for increased energy usage during the summer. We have an adequate supply of power available even when temperatures are high,” Campos said.