BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZONA — Today, Taxpayers Against City Takeover (TACT) announced the formation of NO on 415, a grassroots effort to oppose Proposition 415 that was placed on the Nov. 5 general election ballot. Bullhead City voters are being asked to finance bonds to condemn EPCOR’s private water facilities, using eminent domain to put the operations under city control. After interest, Prop. 415 could cost residents more than $400 million. City Council put this on the ballot based on a report from high-priced consultants who lowballed the cost of EPCOR’s water system. There was little citizen input or public debate about potential, long-term costs to taxpayers.

Bullhead City residents can sign a NO on 415 petition, making a strong statement against the city’s plans to seize the existing water system – a move that could substantially raise current water rates and stick taxpayers with a huge bill. If you care about keeping your water rates at reasonable levels and keeping government from seizing control of a private company, please sign a petition, request a yard sign and get involved in the campaign. NO on 415 is confident that once Bullhead City residents hear the facts, they will oppose this government takeover of EPCOR’s water system. Voters deserve to hear the truth about what this means for their water rates and taxes.

The NO on 415 campaign looks forward to sharing the facts, engaging with the public and defeating this costly, misguided proposition. Please visit www.NOon415.com to get the facts and get involved. Vote NO on Proposition 415!